10 July 2017

In order to achieve Tunisia’s desired mitigation targets, it is necessary to establish a clear action plan and measures for the main greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting sectors. Among these measures, the use of market instruments is highlighted in Tunisia’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), particularly in the energy sector, as an instrument that strengthens the country’s efforts in the fight against climate change. The World Bank’s Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) initiative is a program that provides financial and technical assistance to developing and emerging countries in the use of market mechanisms and the implementation of carbon pricing instruments. In order to receive PMR funding, participating countries must prepare a Market Readiness Proposal (MRP), which describes the country’s roadmap for the design, management and implementation of carbon pricing instruments. This UNDP-funded project aims to support the National Energy Management Agency(Agence Nationale pour la Maitrise de l’Energie) in:
1) Drawing up the national “MRP”, mainly in the energy sector, identifying the most suitable sub-sectors and market instruments or carbon pricing instruments that best suit the context and objectives of the NDC;
2) Ensure an improvement in the technical skills of all project stakeholders and contribute to the national incorporation of strategic guidelines for carbon pricing.



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