The Tâmega Electro-Producer System was inaugurated

The Tâmega Electro-Producer System was inaugurated. Iberdrola will use the Tâmega hydroelectric complex and its pumping system to optimize the management of the reservoirs of three dams – Gouvães, Daivões, Alto Tâmega – which represent an investment of 1500 million euros.

The gigabattery will be able to manage the water stored in the three reservoirs and reuse it in successive cycles, thanks to the pumping system at the Gouvães power station, which, despite its high electricity consumption, is able to take advantage of periods of abundant renewable energy at lower prices.

The power generation system has an installed capacity of 1,158 MW and 40 GWh of storage. The complex’s annual production is estimated at 1,760 GWh, corresponding to 6% of national electricity consumption.

July 21st, 2022