Energy costs are escalating. What’s the solution?

Energy costs are escalating. Portugal is preparing a plan to save on energy consumption, which it will present very soon. But there’s a lot we can do that only depends on us: “Caulk up a lot, avoid 18ºC/19ºC, drive at less than 100km/h, offer teleworking…”

“Nothing is easy here, there’s no need to look for easy solutions,” says Pedro Martins Barata. Although he recognizes that we are one of the countries with “the fewest energy problems”, the CEO of Get2C – a sustainability consulting firm specializing in climate change, carbon and energy – believes that the combination of the war factor and the climate change factor has created “a perfect storm from an energy point of view” and that Portugal will not be able to escape it, even if the collateral effects are less than in the rest of the continent. “It’s going badly in Europe,” he laments.”

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Source: CNN Portugal

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August 23, 2022